About Me

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At 12 years old, I wrote a four-page sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark,
and realized I could create story. 

At age 14, I shot a stop-motion action film starring action figures,
and realized I could create illusion. 

At 16, I wrote and produced my first movie, and realized I could create drama.

And at 39 years old, I quit my production job of 13 years,
became a freelance producer, and realized I could create independence.

My goal in this middle part of my life is to produce interesting work.  In my
mind, corporate video should be inventive, regional television advertising
should be sophisticated and interactive media should be engaging.




Whatever the media, whether your intent is to entertain, educate or inform, the delivery can, and should be, artful.

I've been involved in every facet of professional video production during the
last 15 years of my life.  And for my first 24 years, I immersed myself in all
forms of visual storytelling.  In fact, I maintain that all communication
is a form of storytelling, and the effectiveness of the message is
dependent on the story being told.

I write, produce and direct all forms of video production and communication
materials. And I tell stories for all types of clients.  Browse the site,
and feel free to drop me a line. Or, if you're so inclined, you can
contact me through Facebook or Linkedin. 

Don't look for me on Twitter, though.  That's not the way I roll.